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Apartment & House Rentals In Lloydminster Saskatchewan

Whether you want to live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, can't you decide? For you, Lloydminster is the place! Both provinces are part of the city. However, there's a lot of tension around this. The Alberta side rags on the schools of Saskatchewan, while the Saskatchewan side complains on the health services of Alberta. So just remember, you're taking a side, no matter what part of Lloydminster you live in. You'll definitely want to concentrate about living in your section of the city until you've made your decision ... and that it's pretty much similar in both sides.

The region is mainly agricultural, with agriculture and oil being the main industries. At the same time, it's one of Canada's fastest growing cities. That means the best time to move to Lloydminster will be now! Housing has been among the most affordable in the city in Lloydminster, and prices are dropping. That means you should have no trouble locating and affording a spot you like. Your choices would mainly be homes, but there are also several apartments for rent in Lloydminster. These are usually right in the city center.