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Apartment & House Rentals In Longueuil Quebec

Longueil is an exceptional city that combines young and an old elements within its 350 years of history. Longueil is diversified city that offers a harmonious mix of balanced economic development, quiet suburban areas, large areas to be developed, and breath-taking places! The municipality has built a thriving economy across the river from Montreal, Quebec’s metropolitan city, based largely on cutting edge technology, without losing the quality of living enjoyed by citizens of Longueil.

This has made renting houses in Longueil ideal for those looking for somewhere with a lot of potential to raise their family before all the good property is taken. Longueil provides one of the largest growth potentials among all North American cities, due to its many properties. Its location is very exceptional: the town is located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, in the center of the metropolitan area, and close to downtown Montreal. It is also serviced by motorways which provide easy access to the United States and Eastern Canada. Finally, the metropolitan area is surrounded by some of Quebec's most productive farmland.